Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Conflicting Thoughts

I was thinking about the ideas of Darwinism and Evolution and the world here lately, February 12, 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. As I was thinking about this it occurred to me that there are a few modern ideas that are popular in the world today that go against Darwinism. It seems funny to me how people say they believe one thing then do something that violates the very thoughts of it. I would some additional thoughts and comments if you can help me figure these ideas out better.
First, I notice like many people that in today’s world there seem to be more people fighting for the rights of animals than the rights of humans. I can understand this to an extent, I don’t believe people should abuse animals but giving them as many rights as humans a bit of a stretch to me. This got me thinking, how can someone who believes in Evolution support efforts that save animals from extinction or reduced numbers? Isn’t this a clear violation of Darwin’s law about survival of the fittest? How can you claim to follow Darwin but yet think his idea and nature need changing?
Lastly, with the homosexual agenda being pushed so much, shouldn’t Darwinism followers be just against homosexuals as us Christians are? I mean think about it. Isn’t this “lifestyle” again a clear violation of survival of the fittest? How can a species survive if it gives up the natural use of male/female relations (Rom 1:26-27)?
These were just some interesting thoughts I had and wondered if anyone had any ideas about their support by Evolutionists. It seems to me that these especially the latter group believes in Evolution just for the benefit of not having to answer to anyone about their lifestyle patterns.

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Will White said...

I wonder why the natural selection/homosexuality argument is not made with more vigor among Christians?